Unforgettable Experiences

Your journey should be just as special as the destination itself. We'll create an exclusive travel experience that leaves you and your family feeling satisfied and secure.

Anticipating your every need.
Providing you world-class service at every level.

We are private aviation experts meticulous about the details, yours.

So we make getting to know each of our owners, personally, a priority. Your story is unique. Your travel needs, ever-changing. At Flexjet, not only do we understand that, we embrace it...without question. No individual desire is too small. No personal request is too big. Providing you with true freedom of mobility, unrivaled customization, unparalleled choices and one-on-one assistance is what we do, every day.


Every detail, focused on you.

A Flexjet® aviation expert will work with you, one-on-one, to assess your individual needs and tailor a solution focused on your unique travel requirements. From there, a Customer Account Manager steps in to become your dedicated resource – handling everything from scheduling trips to arranging in-flight catering and ground transportation. Your Flexjet team is available around the clock to ensure all receive unwavering world-class service at every level.


Every aircraft and crew member match our commitment to give you the very best in private aviation

Experience exclusive access to the most modern and technologically-advanced aircraft in the industry. All of our program aircraft are designed and manufactured by Bombardier and all share the unrivalled legacy of Bombardier engineering, safety and reliability. Our highly-specialized Flexjet program pilots are Bombardier-trained in the cockpit of the specific aircraft they fly. All share world-class training that exceeds FAA requirements and an unwavering commitment to the pursuit of service excellence at every turn.

Let's get started

Only Flexjet offers a full suite of premium aviation solutions personally tailored to fit your private travel needs, trip after trip, year after year.

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