The freedom of ownership

At Flexjet, ownership is about much more than the jet. It is about creating more time for what matters. More experiences to share. More mobility when you need it. More personalized choices.

Whole Aircraft Management

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Experience a new class of private aviation

For whole aircraft owners looking for a true management partner to streamline logistics and maximize the ownership experience, no one offers more comprehensive solutions that match your lifestyle and business needs. Flexjet has a legacy as an aviation pioneer. With this heritage comes a proven expertise in maintaining and managing aircraft.

Enjoy limitless freedom and guaranteed revenue

With Flexjet One, you get the best of both worlds – Flexjet® fractional jet and whole aircraft ownership. For example, when your business demands simultaneous meetings in different cities, you have access to multiple aircraft on the same day. Flexjet offers Part 91 aircraft management services to aircraft owners, with an option to lease-back your unused hours for use by other Flexjet owners. In fact, we guarantee revenue for the full duration of the contract.

Command the entire Jet Collection

Learjet 40 XR

Up to 6 passengers
1750 Miles range
515 MPH Cruising Speed

Outperforms the competition in terms of speed, range and passenger capability.

Learjet 45 LXi

Up to 6 passengers
2050 Miles range
515 MPH Cruising Speed

Fly faster, higher, and farther than any other aircraft in its class.

Learjet 60 XR

Up to 7 passengers
2280 Miles range
515 MPH Cruising Speed

The world's fastest, highest-flying midsize jet.

Learjet 85‡

Up to 8 passengers
3034 Miles range
515 MPH Cruising Speed

No concept can better exemplify Bombardier's commitment to innovation.

Challenger 300 & 350

Up to 8 passengers
3660 Miles range
528 MPH Cruising Speed

The definitive aircraft in the super midsize category.

Challenger 604 & 605

Up to 12 passengers
4135 Miles range
528 MPH Cruising Speed

The world's best-selling large business jet.

Flexjet One owners enjoy access to all aircraft in Flexjet's exclusive collection of Bombardier's Learjet and Challenger business jets.  Use the slider bar above to explore each aircraft. 

Efficient travel pricing

At Flexjet, operational efficiency is critical to success – and directly ties to the costs of operating the aircraft. The more efficient we are, the lower the costs. Our proprietary Optimizer scheduling system has enabled Flexjet to achieve industry-leading operations efficiency. In turn, we pass the savings on to you via Efficient Travel Pricing – an industry-first feature available exclusively to Flexjet One owners.

arrow_circular.pngVersatility Plus

Unique to Flexjet, this proprietary program gives you exceptional freedom to customize the number of hours you fly each year. Access any aircraft in the fractional program, fly more hours without borrowing from future years, or gain value from unused annual hours by making them available to others and so much more.

arrow_out.pngAnyTime Options

Enjoy more freedom as your needs change. Add benefits at any point during ownership, including aircraft upgrades or downgrades, use of more than one aircraft on a given day, short-leg waivers to save on short flights and more. This exclusive program affords you the utmost flexibility.

arrow_in.pngMultiple use of aircraft

Flexjet One owners may be able to access as many as five aircraft per day for any travel purpose – business or pleasure. So, if you need to transport key people to multiple locations, you have access to the aircraft to meet your travel demands.

arrow_ferry.pngFerry fee waivers

As an aircraft owner, each time you ferry the aircraft to a location outside the continental United States to begin your trip, you absorb all the operating costs for that flight, just as if you had been on board. With Flexjet One, ferry fees may be waived to and from Europe and Hawaii.

The Flexjet Experience

At Flexjet, we are committed to providing you with an exceptional experience by pursuing world-class service at every level, in every detail.

A world of opportunity

Primary Service Area

Our expansive Primary Service Area provides access anywhere within the continental United States and the surrounding area up of to 200 nautical miles, as well as the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands.

Secondary Service Area

The Secondary Service Area covers many popular destinations, including Canada, Central America, Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean region, made up of the Greater, Lesser and Netherlands Antilles, Trinidad and Tobago. Flying to and from these destinations without incurring aircraft ferry fees can result in significant savings.

International Travel

Flexjet fractional jet owners can travel to nearly any destination in the world. Those flying on Challenger* aircraft may enjoy ferry fee waivers to Europe and Hawaii. For point-to-point travel within Europe and throughout the world, Flexjet fractional jet owners have access to aircraft provided by trusted providers who meet our very high standards.





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