Year: 2019

Jul 02 2019

Flexjet Sponsored Ohio Regional Business Aviation Association Summer Conference

Flexjet hosted and was the title sponsor for the Ohio Regional Business Aviation Association’s annual summer meeting. The 2019 Summer Ohio Business Aviation Training Stand Down included instruction in safety management, emergency response planning and other topics from some of the industry’s most respected experts. The conference was held last Thursday at Flexjet’s headquarters at the Cuyahoga County Airport.

Jul 02 2019

Flexjet and GE Partner to Launch Immediate Wireless Flight Data Transmission and Collection Program Fleet-Wide

Flexjet, a leading global provider of fractional jet ownership, today announced a major upgrade and expansion to its flight data monitoring capabilities. In partnership with GE Aviation, Flexjet’s entire US-based fleet will transmit flight data wirelessly and instantly upon touchdown. This initiative will strengthen the company’s safety management system and makes Flexjet the only US-based fractional provider to apply this cutting-edge technology fleet-wide.