The Evolution Of An Industry Leader.

But soon after those beginnings, the industry changed and with it, new opportunities were born. Through aviation entrepreneur, Kenn Ricci, and his principal investment firm, Directional Aviation Capital, we proudly took our place within the $1 billion aviation portfolio — a position we occupy alongside other private aviation leaders including Flight Options, Sentient Jet and Skyjet. Known for his driving passion for private aviation and fractional ownership, Mr. Ricci refocused the vision of Flexjet, steering us on a course toward becoming a leading luxury brand known for world-class service and experiences.

Such luxurious perceptions are not born solely from polished wood and plush leather. We took the time to identify specific needs, develop world-class service and create experiences that would transform the industry. We took the time to strengthen two foundational tenets of our company: passion and relationships. At Flexjet, a true passion for aviation is at the core of our business. It’s this passion that fuels our employees, our pilots and crew and all levels of leadership and management. It’s this passion that guides the decisions we make, the services we provide, and the jets we fly. It’s this passion that helps us grow and evolve in a way that redefines private aviation.

Flexjet is more than aircraft and service. Our company centers on the importance of relationships. Whether it’s our owners, vendors, employees or investors, the value of these relationships is, in fact, invaluable. Much like our continued corporate evolution, our relationships evolve as well. Partners like Bombardier, Gulfstream and Embraer allow us to broaden our jet offering and serve the ever-changing, ever-expanding needs of our owners.

Moving Forward And Moving Ahead.

The future of Flexjet is about moving forward and moving ahead. Expect private terminals in our future, so that we may customize our service and serve our owners better. We will continue to expand branding opportunities to diversify our offering — beyond fractional, leasing and jet card — to create increased levels of awareness, retention and stability. Our future will also be expanding into new international markets so that we may further connect the globe for our owners.

As an organization, we took the time necessary to create services and certainty, options and opportunity, tailored to the needs of our owners. We will continue to move forward with the support of the relationships we’ve nurtured to ensure that the Flexjet experience is stable, consistent, dependable and exactly what our owners need.