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Brandt Snedeker

Brandt Snedeker on Private Aviation, The Masters and Family

Professional golfer and Flexjet Owner Brandt Snedeker took a few minutes to chat with Airwaves between practice rounds at The Honda Classic in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Snedeker turned pro in 2004 and by 2007 was named the PGA Tour Rookie of the year. In 2012, he won the prestigious FedEx Cup. The following year he ranked a career high of #4 in the world of golf. At the 2016 Ryder Cup, he was the only American player to go undefeated in his matches (3-0). Flexjet is proud to sponsor Brandt Snedeker.


Airwaves: Arnold Palmer was an ambassador not only for the game of golf, but also for business aviation. As a Flexjet Owner, how does private aviation help you both on and off the course?


Brandt Snedeker: It’s been a great change in my lifestyle — it helps me be a better husband and father and helps me play better golf.

One thing you can’t create more of is time and flying privately helps me with that. When you are on the road 32 weeks in a year, an extra 30 days at home is a big deal.

Flying privately allows me to spend more time at home in Nashville, where I live. It has made my quality time with my family better. The kids even travel with me sometimes. (There are always plenty of juice boxes and goldfish on board. And that candy drawer gets them going.) Those memories I have with my family are irreplaceable.


Airwaves: As a Flexjet Owner, you usually fly in the Phenom 300, but you have also flown in the Learjet 45, Learjet 75LXi and the Challenger 300. What is your favorite Flexjet aircraft and why?


Brandt Snedeker: I’ve been a Phenom [300] Owner for four years. It’s the most versatile plane I’ve flown in. And the luggage capacity in the Phenom is unbelievable. The Challenger 300 gets you coast to coast so comfortably. We enjoy the cabin because it is so big and holds so much luggage. It’s fast and efficient.


Airwaves: What you think about the custom cabin interiors of the aircraft?


Brandt Snedeker: It makes the plane look cutting edge. You climb on board and you see the different patterns and color schemes. The look is what you expect from a fleet of new aircraft. It’s cool because every time I fly, I see a different pattern on the plane. The planes reflect what Owners are proud to say is a fleet of new planes.


Brandt Snedeker pre swing 


Airwaves: As April approaches, so does the trip to Augusta National for The Masters. What do you enjoy the most about that week in Augusta, GA?


Brandt Snedeker: My favorite day is Wednesday – the Par 3 contest. As our children have gotten older, they love dressing up in the white caddy suits. They don’t care what their daddy does for a living, they have a blast running up and down the hills. The family is in the crowd and it’s a great day for pictures. It’s fun to see them grow up in those pictures – and to see those caddy suits get bigger. It’s definitely my favorite day all around.

And what Flexjet does at The Masters – the way they greet people when they get off the plane, it’s a really cool experience. I would encourage Owners to get out there and take advantage of it. It goes a long way to helping Owners feel appreciated.


Airwaves: With plenty of Pro-Ams under your belt, what is the number one tip you would give to your fellow Flexjet Owners when teeing up with a professional like yourself?


Brandt Snedeker: You cannot impress us, so don’t try to. The biggest and most common fault amateurs do is they all think they can hit the ball farther then they can. They over swing. Swing easier, you’ll hit straighter.


Airwaves: Tell us how your life has changed after winning the 2012 FedEx Cup?


Brandt Snedeker: I’m not one who lives a high-flying lifestyle. My wife, parents and brother keep me grounded. But it has allowed me to fly privately more often and it has allowed me to spend more time at home in Nashville.


Brandt Snedeker post swing



Airwaves: You and your wife founded the Snedeker Foundation in 2012. Can you tell us a little about what you have been able to accomplish through the charitable foundation?


Brandt Snedeker: My wife and I grew up and went to school in Nashville, TN. I met my wife at Vanderbilt [University] and we stayed in Nashville ever since. We wanted to see our hard-earned charity dollars go to the youth in Tennessee. So far, the foundation has reached 41 counties.

The Snedeker Foundation supports Our Kids and in fact my wife just finished a term on that board.  Our Kids provides medical evaluations and crisis counseling services to children going through an awful crisis. The counseling helps them through a rough time.

The foundation works through the Tennessee Golf Foundation to support the Sneds Tour. Its sole purpose is to give kids a quality experience in a professional golf setting at a price that anybody can afford.


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