Your passion for travel appreciates a full-sensory inflight experience. Your olfactory receptors applaud a rich bouquet of exotic hand-stitched leathers. Your skin indulges in the caress of rich textiles and those very same premium leathers. Opulent wood surfaces delight each fleeting glance. Suddenly you gaze through the panoramic windows to realize that you’ve just circumnavigated the globe, with only a single stop along the way. Indeed, you have arrived.


Traveling in space is a luxury in and of itself. Abundant space for gliding barefoot across silken carpets if only to relish in their tactile sensation. Space for dining-in like never before as you awaken your palate to exquisite dining experiences. For conducting a symphony of en route business from a stately, well-connected conference room. Even space for gently lowering the eyelids in a private stateroom. All the while encapsulated by a Zen-like atmosphere created by the innovative cabin air system. No space is more palpable than this.


Discerning passengers expect the memories of their journey to rival those of their destination. This is the Flexjet tour de force. We stand committed to providing exceptional experiences, embellished with unexpected delights, along every leg of every trip. Even on the runway. Come soar with us and witness for yourself. Whether you fly for business or pleasure, we will personalize a world-class travel experience equally unique as you and your guests.


Fully realize your passion for intercontinental travel as a member of our international elite. The multi-faceted Global Access program is our unique approach to long-range travel, and is as innovative as it is accommodating. Members have exclusive flexibility to charter a smaller, more efficient jet for everyday regional hops, and then choose from our entire fleet of large-cabin craft for the occasional long-range sojourn. And you’re actually rewarded for flying farther. There’s simply no better way to see the world.