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Lifestyle Events

Our owners share a rich variety of backgrounds and passions. Through our carefully curated calendar of lifestyle events, as a Flexjet owner you are sure to find an experience that speaks to your passion. From sporting events to fine wine to the world’s most prestigious gatherings of automotive aficionados, Flexjet’s partnerships across the globe can offer you the perfect outing for family, friends, or clients.

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Philanthropy Events

A strong commitment to philanthropy is one of the hallmarks of our owners. At Flexjet we share in, and support, multiple philanthropic initiatives with some of the world’s most dynamic and impactful charitable organizations. Our thoughtfully vetted collection of philanthropic experiences is sure to contain several events that speak to your interests while proving worthy of your attention.

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Industry Events

Keep up to date with Flexjet’s trajectory as a leader in the private aviation industry. Whether your point of view stems from being a longtime aviation aficionado, or you are running a flight department, or you simply want to see first-hand the latest innovations in range, comfort, and safety within Flexjet’s fleet, our industry events throughout the calendar will fulfill those desires with the same level of service and expertise that has come to define Flexjet.

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