The First and Only Fractional Provider
to Offer the Sikorsky S-76

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Up to 16 Passengers

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Maximum Performance Range

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Maximum Travel Range

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The Sikorsky S-76 private helicopter may be best known for racing beside the Manhattan skyline or along the shimmering blue coasts of South Beach. Recreating these exhilarating scenes and curating your ideal ‘door-to-door’ travel is now a Flexjet reality. As the first private and fractional jet provider to offer luxury private helicopters as part of our global fleet, we are proud to pair this bold vision, with your own.

Celebrating The First

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Celebrating The First

As the first fractional private jet provider to ever offer private helicopter services, all current and future Flexjet Gulfstream G650 Owners will receive complimentary hours in the Sikorsky S-76. Helicopter operations will premiere in the New York City and Miami regions while coming soon to a global scale.

Available Aircraft

Reimagining the Future of Fractional From Departure to Destination

Flexjet is committed to operating the class-leading Sikorsky S-76 private helicopter as our premier platform and will extend fractional ownership, lease, and helicopter maintenance services from the New York City area.

Looking to the future, Flexjet will play an integral role in creating a true urban air mobility ecosystem. In tandem, Eve and Flexjet sister-company Halo will work together with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and other U.S. regulators to advance an international eVTOL operator partnership. Another visionary goal for the future of flight.

To learn more about how Flexjet can create a tailored private helicopter program for you, please contact one of our sales experts.

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