Super-Midsize Cabin Aircraft

Bombardier Challenger 350


Up to 9 Passengers


Maximum Performance Range



An Elite Lineage

As the longest-standing fractional jet operator of the Bombardier Challenger Series, we proudly welcome the latest evolution of the Challenger 350 aircraft into our global fleet offerings. Both Challenger 350 / 3500 platforms provide an ideal combination of ultra-modern interior amenities, sustainability-promoting designs and reliable Bombardier performance. The Challenger aircraft is a cornerstone of our fleet and its evolving capabilities continue to redefine the business jet segment.

Flexjet is proud to offer fractional and lease ownership in these incredible platforms.

Redefining the Super-Midsize Segment

Our super-midsize segment of the Challenger 350 / 3500 and the Praetor 600 feature sleek, purpose-built designs that reflect their class-leading reputations. Each offers coast-to-coast performance, spacious yet quiet cabins, and technological comforts that only the finest business jets can deliver. As we begin to assimilate the Challenger 3500 into our greater US-based fleet, Owners of these aircraft will be subject to operational interchanges throughout our full super-midsize aircraft collection on a flight-by-fight basis.

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The Challenger 350 allows for travel with up to nine passengers, featuring fully-customizable seating configurations perfect for in-air work sessions or family gatherings at 45,000 feet. The Flexjet Challenger 350 offers one of the quietest cabins in the super-midsize segment. We chose textiles engineered to minimize the cabin’s acoustic footprint along with a solid galley door, all to create a calm, quiet atmosphere. In other words, don’t be surprised if you wake from a mid-flight nap and think you’ve already landed. Throughout every flight in the Challenger 350, fresh air is constantly supplied throughout the entire cabin of the aircraft. While many commercial planes rely on fans to recirculate cabin air, every aircraft in the Flexjet fleet utilizes compressed air endlessly gathered from the sky throughout each flight. That air is cooled, conditioned, and distributed throughout the interior, nonstop. At the exact same time, air is being released from the cabin, so that every breath you take is crisp, clean, and unrecycled.

The Bombardier Challenger 350 from Flexjet lets you choose from four distinct interior styles belonging to our exclusive LXi Cabin Collection™. For longer flights, you will appreciate the main cabin chairs which can berth to provide three single beds. Additionally, you can control cabin functions such as climate, lighting, and entertainment through the HD Remote App. For business or leisure, long-range treks or short, the Challenger 350 adapts to your every travel need. Creature comforts have never looked better.

Cabin Diagram

Large galley equipped with microwave, coffee machine, and more.


An acoustic curtain and pocket galley doors create unparalleled sound suppression.


22" HD monitors allow for real-time 3D view, cockpit view, flight statistics, and more.


Adjust cabin temperature, lighting, and more via the HD Remote App.


Seats recline and offer footrests for ultimate comfort on long flights.


Main cabin chairs can berth to provide three single beds.


Access the baggage area from inside the cabin while in-flight.

Baggage Volume 106 ft3
Cabin Length 28' 7"
Cabin Width
7' 2"
Cabin Height
6' 0"

Challenger 350 Cabin Amenities

Aboard the Bombardier Challenger 350, next-generation technology and classic creature comforts are at your fingertips. Whether you wish to spend your time at 45,000 feet unplugged from the world or being productive, the list of amenities inside the Challenger 350 work together to deliver an experience that is second-to-none.

aircraft amenities
  • Airshow System
  • Fully Enclosed Aft Lavatory
  • In-Flight Luggage Access
  • Internally Accessible Closet
technology amenities
  • Cabin Speakers
  • Data Ports
  • DVD Player
  • Headsets
  • Power Outlets
  • Video Monitors*
red label amenities
  • Espresso Machine
  • Full Refreshment Center
  • Microwave

* Available on select tail numbers


The striking design of the Challenger 350 exudes a quiet confidence thanks in part to our signature Chameleon livery that boldly announces your arrival without so much as a word.

68'7" Overall Length
63'10" Wingspan
522ft2 Wing Area
Challenger 350 cutout

Challenger 350 Specifications


Cabin Length
28' 7"

Cabin Height
6' 0"

Cabin Width
7' 2"

Baggage Capacity
106 ft3


Overall Length
68' 7"

63' 10"

Wing Area
522 ft2

Cabin Door
3' 1" x 5' 10"


Cruising Speed
469 knots

3200 NM

7 hrs. 45 mins.

Cruising Altitude
45000 ft

Speed & Performance

The Challenger 350 offers the range to travel non-stop from coast to coast. Depart from New York and fly anywhere in the country. The destinations – and the possibilities – are endless. Canted winglets increase efficiency by reducing drag, and powerful Honeywell® engines allow the Challenger 350 to climb higher, faster, for a shorter and more efficient ride.

Flight Time Estimator

See how the Bombardier Challenger 350 from Flexjet can accommodate your upcoming travel needs using our aircraft range calculator.

0.0 mi


0 h 0 m


*Please note that these are approximations and that all speed/ranges are affected by weather, passenger count, runway length, and prevailing winds.






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