Connect far-flung destinations in a single flight while indulging your penchant for the impeccable. With space to work, relax or recharge, the Gulfstream G500’s generous cabin provides everything you need for ultra-long-range travel with personal space and performance to spare. Acoustical advancements produce a quieter, more relaxing flight, while state-of-the-art materials and sophisticated technologies help the G500 to transport its passengers in more ways than one.

Aircraft Dimensions

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Speed and Performance

Cabin Amenities

  • Airshow System
  • Cabin Attendant
  • Cabin Speakers
  • CD Stereo
  • Data Ports
  • DVD Player
  • Espresso Machine
  • Exterior 3-Camera System
  • Full Refreshment Center
  • Fully-Enclosed Aft Lavatory
  • Headsets
  • In-Flight Luggage Access
  • Internally Accessible Closet
  • Microwave and Warming Oven
  • Power Outlets
  • Satellite TV
  • Telephone
  • Video Monitors

For more information on the G500, contact Flexjet.

*Please note that these are approximations and that all speed/ranges are affected by weather, passenger count, runway length, and prevailing winds.

The aircraft is currently under development and the design tolerances remain to be finalized and certified. The aircraft is subject to change during the course of the design, manufacture and certification process.