Super Midsize Cabin Aircraft

Embraer Praetor 600


Up to 9 Passengers


Maximum Performance Range



The Exclusive Fractional Provider of Apex Performance

As one of the most sought-after business jets in the industry, the Praetor 600 possesses a rare union of class-leading performance, generous capacity, and accessible runway agility. Owners will indulge in one of the most comfortable cabin experiences in aviation with complete fly-by-wire control, active turbulence, noise reduction and ultra-high-speed internet connectivity. The Praetor 600 is designed to keep you totally connected or blissfully off the grid — whichever you prefer.

Flexjet proudly remains the exclusive fractional provider of this dynamically impressive platform.

Redefining the Super-Midsize Segment

The Flexjet fleet of the Praetor 600, Challenger 350, and Challenger 3500 are genuinely redefining the super-midsize segment with class-leading performance, refreshed seating concepts, and cutting-edge luxury interiors. As we begin to assimilate the Praetor 600 into our greater US-based fleet, Owners of these aircraft will be subject to operational interchanges throughout our full super-midsize aircraft collection on a flight-by-fight basis.


The Flexjet Praetor 600 pairs surreal luxury comforts with class-leading super-midsize performance while still prioritizing an indulgently inviting interior and pioneering in-flight technologies. Amenities like Wi-Fi connectivity help optimize your trip for productivity while fly-by-wire anti-turbulence monitoring keeps your flight serenely smooth and comfortable, if rest is what you require. All cabins feature advanced noise suppressions and a continuous exchange of fresh, clean air from outside of the aircraft, further contributing to your ultimate comfort and safety.

Flexjet exclusive interiors showcase other tastefully considerate touches like supple, fully berthable seating, stowable workstations, anti-fatigue accent lighting and a conveniently configured wet galley for full-style dining. These alluring options make all the difference in your travels, for destinations both near and far.


Cabin configuration features a double club in the forward cabin with a single club and a comfortable divan in the rear.


An in-flight baggage access panel helps keep all you need within reach.


Stowable workstations and Wi-Fi connectivity help maintain all productivity needs .


Conveniently placed full wet galley allows for dining service or entertaining.


Fully berthable seating made from premium plush leathers allows plenty of room to relax.


Cabin is equipped with HEPA filtration to improve cabin air quality by capturing 99.97% of all particles, such as bacteria and viruses.


Full cabin sound system, four 15.1-inch high-resolution LCD displays and convenient data ports.

Baggage Volume 155 ft3
Cabin Length 26' 8"
Cabin Width
6' 10"
Cabin Height
6' 0"

Praetor 600 Cabin Amenities

A disruptive new performer, the Embraer Praetor 600 is one of the fastest, most advanced midsize business jets in its segment. Designed to offer unmatched performance while prioritizing your relaxation or productivity, the list of amenities aboard the Praetor 600 will keep you directly connected or peacefully off-the-grid – whatever you desire.

aircraft amenities
  • Airshow System
  • Fully Enclosed Aft Lavatory
  • Honeywell Ovation Select® CMS
  • Internally Accessible Closet
  • Stowable Workstations
technology amenities
  • Cabin Speakers
  • Headsets
  • Power Outlets
  • HD Video Monitors
red label amenities
  • Full Refreshment Center
  • Microwave


The Praetor 600 keeps its predecessor’s classic lines and tasteful proportions while incorporating the latest in cutting-edge aviation design to boost performance and enhance your overall flight experience. With the latest in fly-by-wire and brake-by-wire technologies, any bumps, wind shears, and turbulence is muted to ensure a calm cabin experience.

68' 0" Overall Length
70' 5" Wingspan
482.8 ft2 Wing Area
Praetor 600 cutout

Praetor 600 Specifications


Cabin Length
26' 8"

Cabin Height
6' 0"

Cabin Width
6' 10"

Baggage Capacity
155 ft3


Overall Length
68' 0"

70' 5"

Wing Area
483 ft2

Cabin Door
2' 6" x 5' 0"


Cruising Speed
466 knots

4018 NM

7 HRS 45 MIN

Cruising Altitude
45000 ft

Speed & Performance

With class-leading takeoff and landing distances, you will have access to runways that other midsize aircraft cannot navigate. And with an endurance rating of 7 hours 45 minutes matched to a range of 4,018 nautical miles, the possibilities become almost endless.

Flight Time Estimator

See how the Embraer Praetor 600 from Flexjet can accommodate your upcoming travel needs using our aircraft range calculator.

0.0 mi


0 h 0 m


*Please note that these are approximations and that all speed/ranges are affected by weather, passenger count, runway length, and prevailing winds.






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