flexjet uk lxi private jet cabin interiors seat detail

A Cabin for Every Occasion

We believe that in private air travel, there are no insignificant trips. No routine missions. This inspired us to design the most sophisticated line of aircraft interiors available to fractional Owners. While each interior is the product of a singular vision, our interior design team worked closely with each manufacturer to source premium leather, wood veneer and textiles from across the globe.

By designing more than 40 unique interior designs, we have further removed the barrier between fractional and whole aircraft ownership. Red Label by Flexjet, our vision of the future of fractional, began with crews dedicated to a single aircraft, and has expanded to include some of the most stunning cabin interiors ever to traverse the skies.

Every flight is an opportunity to rest, to focus – perhaps to indulge – and to savor a few moments of absolute contentment. That’s why we designed The LXi Cabin Collection with true travelers in mind. Travelers who see possibility where no one else can, and for whom the journey is just as important as the destination.

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