Over the last four years alone, more NetJets owners have made the switch to Flexjet than any other provider—resulting in a 6.5% market share shift. Perhaps it’s our innovative Red Label service, flight crews legitimately dedicated to a single aircraft, or possibly our stunning LXi Custom Cabin interiors. Likely all of the above, and none of which is available at NetJets.

Fact is, we have a word for former NetJets owners who have switched to Flexjet—family.

Make The Switch

Non-Union Pilots Tend to Smile More

When Flexjet pilots opted for a direct relationship with our senior leadership team in lieu of union representation—not only did they make history—they opened the door to limitless possibilities for Flexjet Owners. This collaborative alliance is the only one of its kind in private aviation and is exclusive to Flexjet. No other provider has this unique rapport with its pilots.

Legitimately Dedicated Crews

Just to clear the air, Red Label by Flexjet pilots and their crews are legitimately dedicated to a single aircraft tail number. One jet. One crew. Day in and day out. No other fractional provider offers this. So, while others claim to be dedicated to an aircraft “type,” only Flexjet goes a step further by providing the same familiar faces on each individual aircraft.

Bonds Over Bottom Lines

Flexjet company culture is deeply rooted in relationships and our Owners agree that there is something exceptional about being a part of the Flexjet family. Something bigger than business alone. It’s personal. Being a customer-centric brand, it’s simply the nature of our culture to develop close bonds with our Owners—lasting ones.

An Atmosphere All Our Own

Fully customized, hand-crafted interiors, crews who are legitimately dedicated to a single aircraft, the industry’s most modern fleet, world-class service, and obsessive attention to detail have placed us in a private aviation league of our very own. No other fractional provider offers even a fraction of the Flexjet Owner experience.
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One-Way Winds of Change

Long-time NetJets customers—many are among the biggest names in business—have made the switch to Flexjet and have never looked back. Perhaps it’s time you made the switch.

Service. Aircraft. Culture.
Have the best of everything by making the switch to Flexjet.

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