Midsize / Super-Midsize Private Jets


Up to 9 Passengers


Maximum Performance Range

07HRS 45 MIN

Maximum Travel Range

Engineered for travel requiring expanded reach, our Midsize/Super-Midsize aircraft offer generous luggage capacity, increased cabin height, and leading-edge amenities designed to comfortably serve up to nine passengers. With endurance ratings of up to seven hours and 45 minutes and ranges of up to 3,340 nautical miles, your list of possible destinations has never been more plentiful for this class of private aircraft.

8 Passengers

2900 NM Range

6 HRS Endurance

Legacy 450 cutout

Learn More About Legacy 450

The Embraer Legacy 450 raises the bar for how the cabin of a modern midsize private jet should feel. As any seasoned traveler will tell you, cabin noise is a major contributor to travel fatigue. To that end, the Legacy 450 more than doubles the standard sound-dampening insulation. This extra sound-deadening allows Owners of the Legacy 450 to enjoy quieter, more relaxing flights and arrive at their destinations alert and refreshed.

8 Passengers

3340 NM Range

7 HRS Endurance

Praetor 500 cutout

Learn More About Praetor 500

The Praetor 500 from Embraer represents the most advanced aircraft in the midsize private jet segment, having been developed with over 35,000 hours of Flexjet’s own flight data. An impressive 150-cubic-feet of luggage capacity allows you to travel with exactly what you need – leaving nothing behind. What’s more, over a half-dozen layers of noise-canceling insulation combine with fly-by-wire technology and a class-leading cabin altitude of 5,800 feet to leave you feeling alert, even after hours in the sky.

9 Passengers

3200 NM Range

7 HRS 45 MIN Endurance

Challenger 350 cutout

Learn More About Challenger 350

The Bombardier Challenger 350 was purpose-built using a balanced approach to comfort, style, and performance. The spacious cabin is over seven-feet wide and six-feet tall. The flush-mounted side-ledge, in tandem with pneumatic slide-out tables, provides dedicated workspaces for all passengers, while an angled touchscreen lets you control the cabin’s multimedia functions. For work or leisure, long-range treks or short, the Challenger 350 from Bombardier adapts to your every travel need.

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