Choosing the Right Private Air Travel Solution.

Our comprehensive guide addresses a range of private aircraft and travel options by answering questions such as:

  • What should I consider when choosing a program?
  • How do financial factors differ between travel solutions?
  • What are the benefits of each aircraft class?

Personalized Programs

Your travel experience is unique to you. Flexjet offers three options that can be tailored according to your private aviation needs while ensuring a distinctive travel experience. Compare these programs to competing travel solutions in our Comparative Private Aviation Guide.

Fractional private jet ownership allows you to purchase equity in a specific aircraft. Flexjet Fractional Ownership offers benefits such as guaranteed aircraft types and the ability to use multiple aircraft at the same time.

  • Designed for the 50+ hour flyer
  • Purchased in 50-hour increments
  • Maximum contract term of 60 months
    Minimum contract term of 30 months
  • 10-hour call out time

Created for those interested in the advantages of purchasing a share without owning an asset. However, like Fractional Ownership, you can enjoy access to the entire fleet through our interchange program.

  • Designed for the 50+ hour flyer
  • Purchased in 50-hour increments
  • Maximum contract term of 60 months
    Minimum contract term of 30 months
  • 10-hour call out time

Enjoy our Jet Card’s best feature: Freedom. The Flexjet 25™ Jet Card program lets you fly the jet you choose, and is ideal for those who wish to fly fewer than 50 hours per year without the capital investment.

  • Designed for the 1-25-hour flyer
  • Purchase in 25-hour increments
  • 24-hour call out time

Jet Collection

With a collection of private jets to suit any occasion, the Flexjet fleet is among the youngest and most technologically advanced in the private aviation industry. Knowing the operating ranges, passenger capacities and amenities provided by each class of aircraft is essential to creating a custom aviation plan that meets your travel needs. Learn what you need to consider when selecting a private travel solution in our Comparative Private Aviation Guide.

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Light and Super Light

Speed and efficiency for short interstate trips

Midsize and Super Midsize

Bicoastal range plus extra space and capacity


International reach with room for all

Ultra Long Range

The ability to span the globe in total comfort

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Flexjet offers a diverse range of travel options, with a primary service area that covers the continental US and secondary service area that encompasses North and Central America, Bermuda and the Caribbean. Our extensive global relationships ensure a seamless Flexjet travel experience should your travels take you overseas.

Safety and Experience

From the FAA’s highest safety award 18 years in a row, to our extensive pilot training that includes simulator, ground, and 14 CFR Part 135 competency and instrument proficiency checks, we can assure you that your private aviation experience will exceed expectations.