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With fractional jet ownership, you get the benefits of owning an aircraft without the headache that comes with managing it. Our team of aviation experts handles every trip detail, from catering to maintenance; all you have to do is tell us where you’re going and when you want to leave.

We understand that travel flexibility is vital to our owners. Below you’ll find just a few of the benefits of purchasing a Flexjet fractional share.

Aircraft Guarantee

If you ever fly on a non-Flexjet program aircraft for more than five percent of your annual allocated hours, we will credit hours back to your account.

Fractional Program Jets

Phenom 300 Legacy 450
Praetor 500 Challenger 350
Gulfstream G450 Gulfstream G500
Gulfstream G650
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Fractional Lease Jet Card
Estimated Flight Hours Per Year Designed for the 50+ hour flyer Designed for the 50+ hour flyer Designed for the 1-25 hour flyer
Estimated Flight Hours Per Year Purchased in 50-hour increments Purchased in 50-hour increments Purchased in 25-hour increments
Contract Commitment Max. term of 60 months Min. term of 30 months Max. term of 60 months Min. term of 30 months N/A
Call Out Time 10-hours 10-hours 24-hours

Simultaneous Use of Aircraft

We realize plans change, but experiences shouldn’t. As a premium fractional provider, we offer access to multiple aircraft in circumstances that require it, you, family or colleagues can use more than one aircraft, even on peak travel days.

Versatility Plus™

Unique to Flexjet, Versatility Plus™ allows you to customize your annual flight hours to align with the actual number of flight hours you need each year. This economically efficient option can provide significant savings. If you’re flying less than you expected, reduce your costs by making hours available to other Flexjet owners. If you’re flying more than you expected, you may also purchase hours from other Flexjet owners, as well as buy hours in any other aircraft type.

Global Access

With our new Global Access Program, we unveil an industry first: dynamic pricing. As the length of your trip increases, the hourly rate decreases, providing an attractive solution for cross-country or international travel.

Fractional Ownership Cost

The majority of the cost of fractional ownership can be broken down into three main parts:

  • Asset purchase – This upfront cost covers your share of the aircraft.
  • Monthly management fee – Maintenance, trip management, crew staffing and other administrative costs are covered by the monthly fee.
  • Total hourly rate charge (THR) – The THR is the rate you pay per hour flying, and includes the cost of fuel.

Other taxes and fees will depend on your traveling needs – we have contract specialists on hand to answer any questions.