Expand Your International Perspective

You haven’t come this far to settle. Neither have we. Introducing our latest innovation in private international travel: the Flexjet Global Access program. Reserved for discerning globetrotters, Global Access delivers you our entire portfolio of long-range intercontinental aircraft.

This Is Global Access

A unique lease opportunity, Global Access is a flexible solution available with and without fractional ownership. It makes an economical supplement for an existing fractional Owner who has lower volume long-range travel needs. It also appeals to higher volume long-range travelers who are interested in the advantages of purchasing a share, without owning an asset. Either way, its unique, distance-based pricing model rewards international travelers for flying farther with progressively lower hourly rates.

Our Portfolio of Large-Cabin Aircraft

Flexjet operates world-class aircraft for any global mission. Our distinguished fleet of modern, long-range jets is composed of Gulfstream G450, Global Express and Gulfstream G650 aircraft. Gulfstream G500 jets will soon join this elite fleet.

Further heighten your large-cabin sojourns with Red Label by Flexjet. The most exclusive experience in the industry, Red Label is fully realized aboard our large-cabin fleet where personalized, concierge-level service is coupled with our customized LXi Cabin Collection designs. These indulgent, thoughtfully imagined cabins are crafted with premium materials from around the globe for immersive elegance and comfort.

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