Our company has made significant investments in its innovative dedicated crewing model, and no other private travel provider rivals this level of personalization. When a single, truly dedicated crew flies the same aircraft day after day, our Owners can expect a precise, efficient and personalized experience – every mission, everywhere. No one else in the industry provides this level of service. Then again, no one outperforms Flexjet.

Inspired by the U.S. military, our single-aircraft crew philosophy is proprietary to Red Label by Flexjet, and a one-of-a-kind commitment to Flexjet Owners. Red Label pilots regularly undergo Owner experience training – over and above their biannual flight training – to help them to deliver the level of hospitality that our Owners have grown accustomed to. After all, Flexjet pilots are the proud faces of our company. And being nonunion, allows us to embrace them as family.

This tireless commitment to each Owner’s journey goes well beyond business. It defines the kind of company that we are, and the kind of company we keep. It’s a celebration of people with a likeminded passion for excellence. And it manifests itself in the form of world-class service, which is the heart and soul of the Red Label experience.


Among the most accomplished aviators in the sky, our selectively-chosen aviators are vetted through a strategic scope of parameters – far exceeding their resumes. Beyond significant flying experience, considerations include personal accomplishments and interests outside of the flight deck, equal parts professionalism and personalism, worldliness and presentation, just to name a few. Being veterans, explorers, world travelers, and pioneers themselves, these impressive men and women stand ready to provide you with remarkable travel experiences that are refined and polished from decades of their own unique and worldly experiences.

Behind each dedicated pilot and crewmember is an equally committed Account Manager. Distinct from other providers, Flexjet Owner Service Account Managers are dedicated to a small group of Owners. Whether you prefer a vintage reserve or special cuisine, car service or specific airport, your Account Manager is available 24/7 to personally make your travel experiences unforgettable.

Our service experts tend to build relationships—lasting ones. They create bonds that transcend business. Personal bonds. So much so that your crew can read its audience well—even anticipating your requests before you make them known. These relationships are what drive the world-class service that defines Red Label by Flexjet.