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Our Standards Stand Alone

Private Helicopter Safety to give you superior peace of mind

Our Safety Philosophy

Incomparable performance, comfort, and luxury come only second to providing the safest and most reliable experience possible. The well-being of all Flexjet Owners and travelers is our absolute priority. The Flexjet Sikorsky S-76 private helicopter features dual-redundancy safety measures on all critical lift elements as well as two certified pilots. At Flexjet, we will not fly until all dual safety measures and checklists have been completed and confirmed.

All procedures, standards, and best practices come from decades of aviation expertise and first-hand knowledge that translate into ultimate peace of mind for you the Flexjet Owner, your family, pets, and associates.

The Flexjet Safety Board holds accredited audits and risk assessments above standard levels to reflect our ongoing adherence to the highest order of safety. Our commitment to your well-being begins well before you even step aboard a Flexjet private jet or private helicopter.



  • Two S76-certified, IFR qualified pilots
  • 4-blade rotor system for enhanced comfort and safety
  • Twin-turbine engine reliability
  • Dual autopilot systems
  • Honeywell four-tube EFIS and Collins Proline II avionics suite
  • Integrated Instrument Display System (IIDS)
  • Honeywell ground proximity warning system
  • Honeywell Primus weather radar
  • Dual comm/ nav radios
  • Automatic direction finder
  • Baldwin Safety Management System (SMS)
    • Preflight risk assessment program — mission analysis
    • Hazard reporting system
    • Customized landing zone survey
Safety Logos and Seals
55,000 HOURS


Our pilot training program is just one way we prioritize the highest standards in safety and maintenance. Flexjet pilots have been held to the highest standards in aviation; often joining our team with backgrounds in military, logistical and even rescue ops. We empower our accomplished pilots to take full control of mission status based on weather conditions, logistical windows, or operational considerations. If their comfort and standards don't align with circumstances, we don't fly. Their expertise and experience, coupled with rigorous Flexjet safety standards and best practices give us full confidence in making your mission successful.


  • All pilots receive bi-annual check rides
  • Annual training at either CAE Simuflite or FlightSafety International
  • 1,500+ Hours minimum of quality flying
  • Previous experience in Part 135/91 or corporate aircraft
  • An existing 1st Class Medical Certification



  • All mechanics are Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) licensed Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) certified, including S-76D™ specialty training.
  • Knowledgeable and highly trained Flexjet technicians know every part of the Sikorsky S-76 inside and out.
  • All facets of maintenance and repair for your helicopter, including regular engine maintenance, airframe repair, or a complete refurbishment.
  • Earned and maintain the highest FAA rating in each service and receive the NBAA Aviation Maintenance Department Safety Award each year.


  • Weather Minimums: We require an 800-foot ceiling and 2-mile visibility to operate to any helipad, including those located in Manhattan.
  • Weather Cancelations: Go / No Go calls, made solely by pilots and operations, can be posted with as much or as little notice as required by the customer.
  • Icing: Our helicopters cannot operate in known icing conditions, including snow and freezing rain. A non-negotiable aspect of helicopter safety.
  • IFR Flights in Icing: To fly IFR during icing conditions, a 6,000-foot freezing level is required, this is not the ceiling, but the actual reported freezing level.