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Step 1 07:30 AM est

You arrive at the Teterboro Airport knowing everyone will be on the slopes by 11. The day promises bunny hills mixed with a few blues and blacks while the grandparents help the little ones build snowmen and tend the fire. There’s excitement in the air. But you’re relaxed because you know your Flexjet account manager has every detail, every request covered, down to making sure all of the skis and luggage will fit comfortably. Which, of course, they do.

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Step 2 08:00 AM est

Walking up to your Phenom 300, your Captain and First Officer welcome everyone by name – even the dog. There’s a hint of hot chocolate in the air. Even smells like the lodge. Your favorite beverage is waiting for you and your guests. One marshmallow for you. Extra ones for the children. With your first sip, comes takeoff.

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Step 3 08:45 AM est

Feeling at home in the exceedingly comfortable leathers of your chair, the sun washes through the large windows in the cabin and stirs you from your nap. You look around and smile. You pause your playlist as the flight attendant brings you a beverage. According to the kids, it’s movie time. Their favorite titles are already on board.

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Step 4 10:00 AM mst

As the closing credits roll, your flight attendant presents the two spicy tuna rolls and shrimp tempura – with extra wasabi – just how you ordered it. Miso soup, vegetable rolls and sashimi for the others, while the kids enjoy their PB&J (no crust).

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Step 5 11:00 AM mst

Upon final approach, you rest assured knowing the Flexjet 24/7 operation center has been monitoring weather conditions the entirety of your trip. Touch down is flawless and, as you exit, you glimpse the SUV you requested waiting planeside. If only every experience could be as seamless, luxurious and hassle-free as your flight.

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