Each piece designed for peace of mind

With exceptional service comes the certainty that every person and every part of your experience is working in concert for your satisfaction and safety. From our pilots and maintenance centers to our account managers and Flexjet private terminals, every aspect of the travel experience reinforces our care and expertise.

Trained for safety and success

As some of the most rigorously trained experts in the industry, our pilots exceed the highest levels of professionalism, competency, proficiency and expertise required by the Federal Aviation Regulations, Part 135. Every pilot is type-rated in their assigned jet and trained to perform safely in every possible terrain, environment and situation. Evaluated according to Captain’s standards every six months, our pilots and first officers train from both cockpit seats, and have extensive knowledge of first aid, CPR and AED usage.

To ensure performance and safety meet our exceedingly high standards, our pilots are taught by in-house flight instructors in our dedicated training department. Each flight instructor is line qualified in his or her assigned aircraft, meaning they rotate from flight training to line flying every other month. This process leverages the highest level of “real world” operating experience and cultivates a culture of safety among our pilots.

With the addition of our unique training oversight program, we can effectively monitor and maintain our standard of safety. Recommended by the FAA, these programs are designed to strengthen and reinforce safety training for pilots. From Telluride to Tokyo, our pilots and crew are fully equipped to meet your private aviation needs.

Minimum Pilot Qualifications:

  • 2,500 hours of total time fixed wing
  • 500 hours of turbine time
  • 500 hours of multi-engine time
  • Airline Transport Pilot Certificate
  • First-Class Medical Certificate
Pilot Experience Profile
Aircraft Average Fight Hours Average Age
Learjet 45 / 75LXi 8,000 46
Phenom 300 11,068 52
Legacy 450 / 500 11,350 50
Challenger 300 / 350 9,800 45
Gulfstream G450 11,290 51
Global Express 10,442 46

Dedicated Account Managers

As your dedicated resource for every private travel need, our account managers provide you with a level of experience and care that sets the standard within the industry. They strive to be experts on you, your preferences and your needs. Whether it’s your favorite band playing when you board, or your preferred Bordeaux vintage, your account manager is committed to making your experience personal, familiar and uniquely your own.

Our account managers’ close relationship with every owner results in the type of personal care that only come with years of understanding. They are there to create a hassle-free experience for you. From scheduling trips to arranging in-flight catering, our account managers are committed to making your journey exceptional and your life a little easier.

Technologically Advanced Operational Center

We continuously monitor and coordinate our flights every moment of every day in our state-of-the-art Operations Control Center (OCC). Similar in function and design to NASA’s Mission Control Center, the OCC provides real-time data concerning everything from flight schedules and aircraft availability to weather and flight tracking.

This data allows us to maintain the highest level of operational safety, and to maximize our ability to fulfill owner trip requests. And should weather or other event cause travel plans to change, our OCC allows us to proactively plan for a safe and satisfactory journey.

  • 50 full-time crew schedulers, flight planners, maintenance controllers, and pilot managers on duty
  • Real-time information provided on 43 ft. wide by 12 ft. tall screens
  • Proprietary software ensures crew and maintenance compliance
  • Located in Dallas and Cleveland

The Highest Standard of Safety

We are proud to maintain one of the most rigorous safety standards in the industry. As the first fractional jet ownership program to meet the increasingly strict Industry Audit Standard of the Air Charter Safety Foundation, we successfully met perhaps the toughest standard for Part 135. We’ve also achieved Platinum Rating within the ARG/US Safety Rating. The Platinum Rating is the highest level of the ARG/US Ratings and requires a well-developed Safety Management System, a clear and workable Emergency Response Plan, effective policies and procedures, and documented records for all major aspects of operations and maintenance within a flight department or charter company.

All of the aircraft we manage are expertly maintained. Only Flexjet has earned the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) coveted Diamond Award of Excellence for 21 consecutive years. The Diamond Award is the FAA’s highest honor for maintenance training and is a testament to the constant and exceedingly high level of discipline and commitment to excellence exhibited by each member of our team.

  • Earned FAA Diamond Award of Excellence 21 years in a row
  • ACSF-registered operator
  • Active participant in Part 5 Safety Management System
  • Most FAA Diamond Awards in the industry
  • IS-BAO Stage Level 2

Expanding On-Site Operations

As a part of our constant effort to improve every aspect of private travel, we are dedicated to ensuring our world-class service extends to our owners before they set foot on a jet. Expanding our presence is a vital part of achieving that goal. Through the future addition of Flexjet FBOs at airports across the country, you can expect an added level of flexibility, access and convenience. From arranging transportation and honoring catering requests to providing comfortable and luxurious waiting areas before and after your flight, your needs are at the center of every decision we make.

Distinctive Dining Options

Our experiences and our service are designed to suit the tastes of even the most discerning flyers. The catering possibilities available to you are practically endless. Unique to Flexjet, we offer regional catering menus that provide local tastes and favorites from hand-selected chefs. From Chi-Town Breakfast Pizza and North End Antipasto Rolls to Colorado Lamb T-Bone and French Charcuterie, you won’t find these selections anywhere else.

  • Regional culinary selections from: Aspen, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Northern California, Paris, Seattle, South Florida, Tampa, Washington, D.C.