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A Shared Admiration

Flexjet Owners and their Pilots oftentimes connect on many levels. There’s a mutual appreciation between cabin and cockpit that is rarely found in private aviation. For starters, Flexjet pilots are among some of the most accomplished men and women in the industry, hand-selected by their background and experiences. Outside of their day job, they are pioneers, explorers, world-travelers, adventurers, veterans and above all, servant leaders. Quite often, they share more in common with their passengers than meets the eye.

Red Label by Flexjet provides a dedicated crew, where Owners are flown by the same familiar faces each and every flight. With that, comes a certainty and confidence. The Captain and his crew know their aircraft and can anticipate their passengers’ requests better than anyone.

This dedicated model gives Owners and Pilots a unique opportunity to establish genuine human connections in the air, which inspires us to go above and beyond for our Owners. Call it respect, admiration, or just human. We call it Red Label by Flexjet.

Flexjet Owner
Mr. Parker

Robert Parker personifies characteristics that are not unlike many Flexjet Owners. Among them, he is a self-made entrepreneur with an insatiable sense of adventure and philanthropy. He started out with little more than a bit of advice once passed down to him by his father: Never expect to be the best or the brightest, but instead be the one who works the smartest. The rest will take care of itself.

After putting himself through college, Robert earned an internship on Wall Street. To many, he possessed an uncanny ability to predict market changes. Truth be told, he worked into the twilight hours each night absorbing earnings reports and market data. Driven by his father's wisdom, he soon became the youngest partner in the firm's history.

With Robert at the wheel, his funds recorded spectacular returns. But while finance was his gift, his passions lie elsewhere. He soon began a new venture: an exclusive winery. What began with a taste for expensive wine and a bit of wanderlust, eventually evolved into the most talked about wine exporter on the East Coast. But not without passionately following his heart and is father's sage advice.

Flexjet Pilot
Captain Reynolds

Life-long world traveler who's fluent in five languages, has flown for royalty and has a pressing curiosity for exploring new places and cultures. In his youth, he spent two years backpacking across Europe and Southeast Asia before serving 12 years as an airman in the military, where he visited his twenty-ninth country and left as a distinguished Major. Captain James Reynolds personifies many of the characteristics that are the very epitome of the highly accomplished men and women who command Flexjet aircraft.

His quiet confidence and well-earned wisdom keep him calm under pressure while his approachable demeanor and giving nature are an inspiration to his passengers and his crew.

Over the years, he's built a reputation as someone who can make the seemingly impossible, possible. Whatever an Owner requests, no matter how obscure, Captain Reynolds and his infinite resources somehow make it happen.

In nearly every country he visits, he befriends a local, or two, or twelve, who he can later call upon (often in their native language) for assistance. His vast network of friends, colleagues, and former travel companions is one facet among many that allows Captain Reynolds to provide Flexjet Owners with a truly exceptional travel experience.

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One of Many Inspirations Behind Capt. Reynolds
Meet Captain Marty Cavato

The only thing more impressive than our aircraft are the people who fly them. As one of our pilots with a military background, Capt. Marty Cavato had a decorated military career. He received the Top Gun award for the F-4 and flew the same aircraft in 310 combat missions (you can see one of the F-4s he flew at Orlando Executive). Cavato received three Distinguished Flying Crosses and 27 Air Medals. He continued his service as an air combat instructor pilot in the Air Force Aggressor Squadron flying the T-38 and F-5E and became an operational test pilot for the F-5 at Edwards AFB. After the Air Force, he piloted over 1,500 transatlantic crossings as a Delta 767 and 777 pilot. Today, he captains a Challenger 350 in our Red Label by Flexjet program. You may have seen him fly in two of Flexjet’s air-to-air photo shoots. We thank him and all of the Flexjet pilots with military careers for their service to our country.

One of Many Inspirations Behind Capt. Reynolds
Meet Captain Patrick Whitt

An experienced pilot, Capt. Patrick Whitt (left) has accumulated just over 10,000 flight hours. He has been flying with Flexjet since 1998 and has 7 different type ratings, including the Global Express. He started his career in aviation as a line service tech while he learned to fly, then he became a flight instructor, was contracted for aerial imaging, and then flew freight for DHL and UPS before joining Flexjet. On the side, he used to own his own airstrip and likes to race motorcycles and cars off-road. He has participated in the Baja Rally Moto three times and the Sonora Rally once. Today, you can find him flying the Gulfstream G650.

One of Many Inspirations Behind Capt. Reynolds
Meet Captain James Sands

James Sands served 12 years in the Navy and was a skilled helicopter pilot. During the end of the Cold War, Lieutenant Sands flew anti-submarine H-2 helicopters and skillfully completed landings on a moving 100-foot by 40-foot frigate flight deck – that’s less than half the size of a football field.

A self-described “language enthusiast,” he has studied several languages including German, Russian and Biblical Greek. He has flown several aircraft at Flexjet, but today captains a Challenger 300. Sands just celebrated his 23rd anniversary with Flexjet this month.

One of Many Inspirations Behind Capt. Reynolds
Meet Captain Sean Bodkin

Our pilots’ experience extends beyond aviation. Capt. Sean Bodkin spent 8 years of his career managing and cooking at a French restaurant on Long Island, called Péché Mignon in addition to training at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. His restaurant was one of the first to embrace the “Farm to Table” concept, centered around sourcing local ingredients. A typical day would have Bodkin driving his classic Citröen to the Fulton Fish Market at 3:30 am for the day’s catch, import warehouses for cheeses, and local farmers for chicken, quail and pigeon.

He turned to flying when he moved to Colorado and discovered his passion for aviation, going from his first solo flight to being a Certified Flight Instructor in just a year and a day. He joined Flexjet in 2000, and has flown over 20,000 hours during his flight career including stints flying commercial and transport. Today he flies a Red Label by Flexjet Challenger 350. You can find him still driving a Citröen (he’s now a small collector of Citröens) and occasionally making recipes from his restaurant. When you fly with him, make sure to ask about his famous Poulet à la moutarde de Meaux.

One of Many Inspirations Behind Capt. Reynolds
Meet Captain Frank Woelke

Flexjet pilots are some of the most experienced travelers including Capt. Frank Woelke who has travelled to over 25 countries and all 50 states. He says one of the hidden gems is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

When he was a Sergeant in the Army, Woelke was an Aeroscout Observer and flew several unusual missions. Pictured here (left in hat) during the First Gulf War, Frank helped this Iraqi Bedouin chief herd his sheep away from an active minefield with his helicopter so mines could be neutralized without injuring the sheep. He served 8 years in the Army, attaining Top Secret clearance and helping train Special Forces.

He served in the National Guard from 1993-1997 and was chosen for select charter flights with former President Gerald Ford in the mid 90s. throughout his Flexjet career, which began in 1999, Frank has flown several aircraft in our fleet, recently becoming the first Red Label by Flexjet pilot to fly our first Gulfstream G650.

When he is not flying, Frank and his family host foreign exchange students. On his last trip to Tokyo, Woelke had the opportunity to reconnect with a former exchange student and show him the new G650.

One of Many Inspirations Behind Capt. Reynolds
Meet Captain John Clark

Flexjet pilot, Capt. John Clark, has served his country at home and abroad. He enlisted in the military after the Vietnam War and served for 21 years. He went on to became an Alabama State Trooper and worked his way up to piloting the Trooper’s helicopter. Clark is part of a family tradition of serving in the military and law enforcement that started with his father and is continuing with John’s son. As a helicopter pilot, he assisted in the 1996 manhunt for the Atlanta Olympic bomber. He retired from the military and law enforcement in 1999 as a Sgt. 1st Class and has been part of the Flexjet G450 program for 5 years.

One of Many Inspirations Behind Capt. Reynolds
Meet Captain Doug Seims

Not only are they the finest pilots in the industry, but our pilots can recommend just the right in-flight drink. Capt. Doug Seims speaks with authority when it comes to this subject, as he moonlighted as a bartender to help pay for flight school. In his spare time, Seims is a motorcycle land speed racer, at one point holding the world record for the fastest speed on a Kawasaki Turbo ZX-14 at 239.5 mph. Beyond racing, Seims helps foster dogs until they find permanent homes and currently has six dogs living with him. Seims has been at Flexjet for 24 years and next time you’re flying on the Challenger 350, ask him about his favorite gin or his Caipirinha recipe.

One of Many Inspirations Behind Capt. Reynolds
Meet Captain Thomas Kwiecinski

Capt. Thomas Kwiecinski’s passion for aviation developed when he was a child, watching planes land at JFK over Long Island. When he fulfilled his dream of becoming a pilot, he flew with and trained other pilots at Mesa Airlines before coming to Flexjet in 1998. A dual citizen of Poland, he returns every other summer to his extended family’s farm in the 700-year-old town of Goniądz to visit and help with the seasonal harvest. Kwiecinski learned beekeeping and cares for hives in his current home state of Texas. He recently learned that his grandfather was also a beekeeper. Next time you plan a trip to Poland, ask Thomas about his favorite neighborhood in the country’s capital and why you should visit the Warsaw Uprising Museum. When he’s not beekeeping, you can find him flying a Flexjet Challenger 350.

One of Many Inspirations Behind Capt. Reynolds
Meet Captain Lonnie King

Not only can Flexjet Capt. Lonnie King fly combat and business jets, but he is a 1988 graduate of United States Merchant Marine Academy with a Third Mate merchant ship license. King has traveled the world with the Marines (for 8 years) as a C-130 pilot and as a Flexjet Gulfstream G450 pilot. A 25-year Flexjet employee, he has recently transitioned to a Challenger 350 to spend more time in his home state of Texas. In his free time, King serves on the board of DFW Rescue Me – an all-volunteer organization which rescues and fosters homeless dogs. The volunteers have helped over 3,000 dogs find homes in just 7 years, including severely abused dogs and 88 dogs displaced during Hurricane Harvey. In addition to the 5 pet dogs that live with Capt. King, he also opens his home to foster dogs waiting to be adopted.

One of Many Inspirations Behind Capt. Reynolds
Meet Captain Seth Willis

Seth Willis started his aviation career young — performing his first solo flight at 17 (the youngest age permitted). He flew charter in his home state of Tennessee before moving to the British Virgin Island of Tortola, a small 3×10-mile island with 25,000 residents. There he flew twin-engine Piper PA-31 Navajos and PA-23 Aztecs for island charter flights for several years. Hurricane Irma hit the Caribbean just after the birth of his first daughter. When he returned to the island after the storm, he learned his previous employer had lost over half their fleet. He piloted several personal trips to bring relief supplies to his island in his aircraft, but the devastation to the island inclined him to move back to Tennessee with his family. He joined Flexjet and currently captains a Gulfstream G450. You might also find him racing motorcycles during his spare time.

One of Many Inspirations Behind Capt. Reynolds
Meet Captain Clint Anderson

You only need to know the names of Capt. Clint Anderson’s dogs to know that he loves aviation. Sky and Jet are two well-traveled yellow labs, often joining Anderson on flights in his Cessna 180. He developed a deep love for backcountry flying & moved to Alaska to fly local freight. He later guided private ‘Seaplane Safaris’ in Alaska, taking prominent clients on adventures including fishing within steps of Alaskan Brown Bears, whale spotting, kayaking, hunting, & scientific research expeditions. Like other Flexjet pilots who inspired the fictional television commercial character Capt. Reynolds, Anderson has been involved in many kinds of aviation including: freight, air ambulance, flight instructing, subcontract pilot for NASA research balloon launch and recovery, airline flying, Alaska bush flying. In addition to being an FAA Certified Mechanic w/ aircraft Inspection Authorization, he owns an airstrip in Texas – Coyote Field – often hosting other pilots for BBQs & flying events. While he is type rated on 5 aircraft, you can find him flying a Red Label by Flexjet Challenger 350.

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