While these times may feel uncertain, the ability of our Owners and crews to travel safely within our closed European fleet is not.


At Flexjet, we are focused on taking every possible precaution to ensure the health and safety of both our Owners and employees. We will not compromise nor hesitate to do whatever is necessary to defend against COVID-19 while continuing to provide safe, reliable service with minimal disruption.

Read on to discover the measures that we are currently enacting throughout our European operation. Future updates will be shared if and when new processes or procedures are established.

Steps We are Taking to Combat Covid-19

Safety Starts with Us

All crew and staff receive regular updates on how to protect against infection from both the World Health Organization and Public Health England. Every Flexjet pilot or crewmember receives a mandatory temperature check pre-tour and a second while on duty. In addition, each crewmember will remain in compliance with WHO-recommended guidelines for social distancing both on the ground and in the air.

Expert Guidance

We remain in constant contact with the certified experts at MedAire®. Their professional guidance empowers our teams by way of real-time updates that allow us to minimise the risk of exposure for both our Owners and crews.

Bacoban® Surface Treatment

In accordance with the World Health Organisation’s Hygiene Sanitation Guide, our entire aircraft fleet has recently been treated with Bacoban®. An antimicrobial solution approved for aerospace use, Bacoban meets stringent clinical standards while creating a barrier that delivers 10-day surface protection before it is reapplied. Every part of our cabins and flight decks has received an application of Bacoban, and each aircraft carries a certification available for inspection.

Cabins Disinfected After Every Flight

Along with the protections afforded by Bacoban, turn-around times are being monitored to ensure that every Flexjet cockpit and cabin is able to be thoroughly cleaned and all surfaces carefully disinfected after each flight.

Aircraft Precaution Kits

Each of our cabins is equipped with MedAire’s Universal Precaution Kit containing tools to help protect both passengers and crew from possible exposure. Each kit is assembled under strict ISO 9001 quality assurance standards and includes:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Surgical face masks fit with protective visors
  • Non-permeable gloves
  • Booties or shoe covers
  • Long-sleeve gowns with aprons
  • A non-touch infrared thermometer
  • Biohazard bags
  • Cleaning materials
  • Instructions on how to use and dispose of materials

Constant Communication

To deliver essential updates on the steps we are taking to defend against COVID-19, the Flexjet Owner Services team is in regular contact with our Owners. Available 24/7, each team member is ready and able to answer questions, provide information on the newest flight measures, and more. Plus, our experienced Operations department is continually reviewing the latest travel restrictions and border closures.

More Information

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Your Flight Plans are Safe with Us

Private air providers are not all created equally, so before you book your next flight, ask what they're doing to ensure yours is a safe journey. Meanwhile, contact us to schedule a private showing of the Flexjet aircraft of your choice, conveniently held at your local airport.

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