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Whether you’re looking to make the most of a quick weekend getaway with family or need a capable business jet that can fly the entire team across the world, Flexjet offers a variety of luxury private jets perfectly suited for international and domestic private air travel. Understanding each aircraft, from passenger capacity and cabin dimensions to amenities and performance, is key to creating a private aviation plan that not only meets, but exceeds your travel requirements and expectations.

7 HRS 45 MIN Endurance

9 Passengers

7,441 KM range

Praetor 600 cutout
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Learn More About Midsize / Super-Midsize Cabin Aircraft

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This class of private aircraft is designed for business or personal travel requiring extended reach and space for up to nine passengers, offering generous luggage capacity and increased cabin height for a remarkable level of comfort and luxury.

Learn More About Midsize / Super-Midsize Cabin Aircraft

Midsize / Super-Midsize Cabin Aircraft

16 HRS Endurance

12 Passengers

11,263 KM Range

Gulfstream G650 cutout
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Learn More About Ultra-Long-Range Aircraft

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For global flight plans and international tours requiring maximum range, performance, and comfort for up to 15 passengers plus baggage, nothing eclipses the unrivaled abilities and amenities presented by ultra-long-range aircraft.

Learn More About Ultra-Long-Range Aircraft

Ultra-Long-Range Aircraft

Custom Luxury Interiors

While every flight is unique as to its purpose, private travel presents a chance to relax, focus, and perhaps even indulge in a few moments of uninterrupted bliss. Opportunities like these are why we designed The LXi Cabin Collection™ of luxury interior. Each reflects an elevated private jet travel experience for those who see opportunity where no one else can, and for whom the journey is just as important as the destination.

Explore Our Custom Private Jet Interiors

Red Label by Flexjet

Red Label is more than just fully customised, handcrafted interiors. Red Label also includes flight crews dedicated to a single aircraft tail number*, along with access to the industry’s youngest and most advanced fleet. The vast majority of our Owners simply refuse to travel any other way. We invite you to discover the Red Label by Flexjet difference as a part of the industry’s leading luxury air travel programme.

*Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, dedicated crews not guaranteed.

Explore Red Label by Flexjet

Our Programmes

We understand your travel needs require custom solutions designed for you and you alone. Our personalised private air travel programmes offer you the flexibility to tailor your level of ownership according to your specific needs and still enjoy the Flexjet experience.

Explore Our Jet Ownership Programmes

To learn more about how Flexjet can help you create a tailored private travel programme, please contact one of our experts, who will be happy to assist you.

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