Super-Midsize Cabin Aircraft

Embraer Praetor 600


Up to 9 Passengers


Maximum Performance Range


Maximum Travel Range

The Super-Midsize Jet, Redefined

The Praetor 600 elevates the super-midsize segment to new heights via impressive standards of speed, range, and accommodations that raise the bar well beyond the reach of would-be competitors. Industry-leading technology works in harmony with thoughtful cabin design to present one of the smoothest, blissfully quiet in-flight environments available. To further enhance your experience, every journey aboard the Praetor 600 is accompanied by a Flexjet Cabin Server, each highly trained in the art of hospitality

Interior Experience

Praetor 600 pairs a spacious cabin with thoughtful touches such as fully berthable seating for those longer flights, an Airshow system, and Wi-Fi, just to name a few. It is important to note that the air you breathe in a Flexjet cabin comes from a continuous exchange of fresh, clean air from outside of the aircraft, contributing to both your comfort and safety.

The Embraer Praetor 600 presents several distinct interior styles from our exclusive LXi Cabin Collection™, while a host of cutting-edge amenities make air travel feel like a rewarding escape. If work is the primary focus, the Praetor 500 allows you to maintain productivity with Ka-band Wi-Fi connectivity and stowable workstations. Pet lovers will appreciate the flat floors that allow their furry companions to lie comfortably while passengers can easily move throughout the cabin.

Praetor 600 Cabin Amenities

A disruptive new performer, the Embraer Praetor 600 is one of the fastest, most advanced midsize business jets in its segment. Designed to be the perfect aircraft for relaxation or productivity, the list of amenities aboard the Praetor 600 will keep you directly connected or peacefully off-the-grid – whatever you desire.

aircraft amenities
  • Airshow System
  • Fully Enclosed Aft Lavatory
  • Honeywell Ovation Select® CMS
  • Internally Accessible Closet
  • Fully Berthable Seats
  • Stowable Workstations
technology amenities
  • Cabin Speakers
  • In-flight Entertainment System & Sound System
  • Headsets
  • Power Outlets
  • HD Video Monitors
  • Ka-band High-Speed Wi-Fi
  • Pioneering onboard technology includes fly-by-wire controls and Ka-band connectivity
red label amenities
  • Full Refreshment Centre
  • Microwave Oven

* Available on select tail numbers


The Praetor 600 keeps its predecessor’s classic lines and tasteful proportions intact while incorporating the latest in cutting-edge aviation design to boost range and enhance your overall flight experience – all in one beautiful package.

Overall Length: 20.74m
Wingspan: 21.5m
Wing Area: 44.85m2
Praetor 600 cutout

Praetor 600 Specifications


Cabin Length

Cabin Height

Cabin Width

Baggage Capacity


Overall Length


Wing Area

Cabin Door
1.65m x 0.8m




Cruising Altitude

Speed & Performance

With the latest in fly-by-wire and brake-by-wire technologies, any bumps, wind shears, and turbulence is muted to ensure a quieter cabin experience. With class-leading takeoff and landing distances, you will have access to runways that other midsize aircraft cannot navigate. And with an endurance rating of 8 hours matched to a range of 7,441 kilometres, the possibilities become almost endless.

Similar Aircraft

Below are suggested Flexjet aircraft similar to the Praetor 600 that offer different features and capabilities such as better efficiency for shorter trips or larger cabins.

Legacy 500

Up to 8 Passengers
NM Range
6 hrs. Endurance

Gulfstream G650

Up to 15 Passengers
NM Range
10 hrs. (standard augmented crew)
12 hrs. (single augmented crew)
16 hrs. (double augmented crew) Endurance

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