Midsize / Super-Midsize Cabin Aircraft


Up to 9 Passengers


Maximum Performance Range


Maximum Travel Range

Designed for travel requiring expanded reach, our Midsize/Super-Midsize aircraft offer generous luggage capacity, increased cabin height, and leading-edge amenities designed to comfortably serve up to nine passengers. With endurance ratings of up to seven hours and 45 minutes and ranges of up to 7,441 kilometres, your list of possible destinations has never been more plentiful.

9 Passengers

7441 KM Range

8 HRS Endurance

Praetor 600 cutout

Learn More About Praetor 600

The Praetor 600 elevates the super-midsize segment to new heights via impressive standards of speed, range, and accommodations that raise the bar well beyond the reach of would-be competitors. Industry-leading technology works in harmony with thoughtful cabin design to present one of the smoothest, blissfully quiet in-flight environments available. To further enhance your experience, every journey aboard the Praetor 600 is accompanied by a Flexjet Cabin Server, each highly trained in the art of hospitality.

8 Passengers

5763 KM Range

6 HRS Endurance

Legacy 500 cutout

Learn More About Legacy 500

The Legacy 500 sets new benchmarks for performance, spaciousness, and comfort in this segment. Capably equipped to deliver exceptional speed and expanded range, thanks in part to a pair of powerful-yet-efficient Honeywell™ engines, the Legacy 500 is able to obtain an impressive 5,793 kilometres of range while carrying you and your passengers in total comfort at a brisk 466 knots.

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