Exceptional Benefits, Unmatched Flexibility

Designed for travellers who fly 50 or more hours per year but want to avoid a large capital deployment, Access provides entry to multiple aircraft types and sizes. Plus, our team of aviation experts is always on hand to take care of every aspect of your travel and ownership experience.

Flexjet Access Costs

There are four major components surrounding operation and use of your aircraft:

A fully refundable deposit paid upfront based on aircraft and annual flight hours allocation.

With Flexjet you don't have to worry about the operational complexities and hidden overheads of aircraft ownership. A fixed-rate amount based on aircraft and annual allocation of hours covers the indirect expenses associated with operating an aircraft from pilot training to insurance, allowing you to simply focus on your flying.

You are only charged for each hour an aircraft is in-flight. This rate also includes direct expenses associated with maintenance, standard catering, engine costs, and pilot fees.

Added to the base hourly transportation rate to account for fluctuations in the price of fuel, which varies monthly. This allows us to pass any cost savings directly to our clients.
* Taxes may apply

Why Flexjet Private Jet Access Programme?

Ultra-modern Fleet

Made up of renowned aircraft from the likes of Bombardier, Embraer, and Gulfstream, our fleet of luxury private jets is designed to meet a wide array of needs and desires from personal to business travel across the UK and beyond.

Legacy 500 Praetor 600 Gulfstream G650

Red Label By Flexjet

Available on select aircraft, Red Label by Flexjet presents dedicated captains and crews exclusive to an aircraft's specific tail number, custom luxury jet interior décors belonging to our LXi Cabin Collection, complete access to the industry's youngest fleet of private aircraft, and more.

One-Way Pricing

With Access, you don't pay for deadhead or repositioning fees. Certain service areas and restrictions may apply.

Complimentary Catering

Catering is included with every flight, and regional menus are available.

Dedicated Account Manager

As an Access customer, your Dedicated Account Manager handles all aspects of your flight, from planning to execution.

Compare Our Programmes

Compare Our Programmes
Shared Ownership Access Jet Card
Annual Travel 50+ Hours 50+ Hours 25 Hours
Purchase Increments 50 Hour Minimum
(25-Hour Increments)
50 Hour Minimum
(25-Hour Increments)
25-Hour Minimum
Minimum Term 30 months 30 Months 25-Hour Deposit
Maximum Term 60 months 60 months 24 months
Call Out Time* 12 hours* 12 hours* 24 Hours*

*Applies to flights on Non-Peak travel days within the Primary Service Area. Flights scheduled on Peak travel days or outside of the Primary Service Area may require additional notice.

About Private Jet Share Programmes

Fractional or shared jet ownership lets you secure the best aspects of whole aircraft ownership for a portion of the cost and with none of the responsibility.

At their core, private charter programmes offer a "pay as you go" solution to private travel, but that "fly and forget" convenience comes with several costs that may make you wonder why you chose charter over commercial in the first place.

In a charter environment, your travel needs are still subject to the supply and demand dynamics of an ever-changing market, which often includes your aircraft and crew. Additionally, it must be noted that due to high demand and limited fleet sizes, aspects such as safety, reliability, and availability - to say nothing of flexibility - can become an issue with chartered flights.

Access, on the other hand, minimises your exposure to market demands and increases safety, reliability, and availability thresholds while offering a less capital-intensive solution to outright ownership. Access with Flexjet provides you with guaranteed access to aircraft, highly experienced pilots, predictable costs.

While there are some longer-term financial advantages to outright ownership for those who require significant amounts of flight time and last-minute itineraries, newer Access and shared ownership instruments begin to blur the lines that once separated ownership experiences from Access experiences.

With an Access programme, you will avoid the substantial premium and capital risk associated with outright ownership while still enjoying flexibility in terms of aircraft access and flight availability during high-traffic portions of the calendar. Additionally, with Flexjet's Access programme, you will benefit from industry-leading inflight experiences, access to the latest fleet of aircraft, and a dedicated team of experts to assist you with all of your private aviation needs.

Similar to fractional ownership, private aviation Access affords a greater amount of control over what aircraft you have access to, how quickly you can book an itinerary, as well as capital and liability considerations. Access dramatically reduces your exposure to market demands and oftentimes increases safety, reliability, and availability thresholds while offering a less capital-intensive solution to outright ownership.