Premium Travel. No Surprises.

Our all-inclusive jet card is the latest addition to our full suite of tailored private travel programmes. Designed to provide a simple, reliable way to fly with one of the world's leading fractional providers, the Flexjet Jet Card eliminates the headaches and hidden costs often associated with traditional jet cards and charter providers.

Packed with modern amenities, the Legacy 500 provides high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity*, turbulence-reducing fly-by-wire controls, custom-designed interiors, and stowable workstations.

In addition to the midsize Legacy 500, jet card holders may secure the super-midsize Praetor 600 in Europe and access the Phenom 300 and Challenger 300 from our U.S. fleet*.

All jet card holders enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi connectivity, aircraft deicing, and a full emissions offset overseen by 4AIR.

With a jet card from Flexjet, you have access to the same professional Owner Experience team as our Shared Ownership and Access clients, any time, any day.

With Flexjet, not only do your jet card hours never expire, but you may also schedule future flights with as little as 24-hours** notice and cancel bookings up to 48-hours before departure without penalty.

The majority of the cost of fractional ownership can be broken down into three main parts:

  • Capital Cost (Ownership): An asset purchase that allows for a minimum of 50 flight hours per year priced at predictable rates over a specific term in the type of aircraft owned
  • Asset purchase - this upfront cost covers your share of the aircraft.
  • Monthly Management Fee - Covers the indirect expenses associated with operating your aircraft, including pilot training, insurance, cabin support, trip management, crew provisions, and other administrative costs
  • Hourly Rate - Charged for each hour an aircraft is in flight, plus 2/10 taxi time. This rate also includes direct expenses associated with maintenance, standard catering, and engine operation
  • Fuel Component Adjustment - Added to the base hourly rate to account for fluctuations in the cost of fuel, which varies monthly

*Certain federal taxes may apply

Jet Card Considerations

For those examining private travel for the first time, a jet card can be appealing because it requires minimal upfront investment and comes with zero fixed costs. Created for those with light or fluctuating travel schedules who prefer to travel with an industry-leading operator, our Jet Card is the best way to experience the Flexjet difference for yourself - no long-term commitment required.

Here are a few things to consider when comparing the benefits of a jet card against the open charter market, as well as Shared Ownership and Access:

  1. A jet card from Flexjet delivers access to a closed, private aircraft fleet without the additional financial commitment or depreciation risk associated with Shared Ownership and Access.
  2. Jet cards are often preferred by those who fly less than 25 hours per year, have a relatively unpredictable travel schedule, or by individuals or flight departments looking to supplement whole aircraft ownership.
  3. With a jet card, costs are predictable as flight time adheres to a set hourly rate. Plus, additional flight hours can be purchased as-needed, presenting a reliable alternative to charter.
  4. Some jet cards involve additional fees for travel on set "peak" days, and scheduling flexibility can be limited compared to Shared Ownership or Access.

Jet Card FAQs

A jet card allows you to access various aircraft types without any of the capital outlays associated with outright ownership, Shared Ownership, or Access. Jet cards can also be gifted to anyone you choose. In the end, jet cards are also a far less complex private travel solution: when you're nearing the end of your available hours, simply add more and continue flying.

Your jet card requires a deposit of 25 flight hours associated with a primary aircraft. After your first year with Flexjet, a monthly Fuel Component Adjustment is added to your base hourly rate to account for fluctuations in fuel cost. Additionally, you may add flight-hours as your travel needs dictate.

Fractional ownership offers the highest level of control and flexibility. With that comes additional capital considerations from both sides of the balance sheet. A jet card entitles you to a minimum of 25 hours of flight access. Jet card holders do not own any part of their primary aircraft and are therefore free of the upfront capital outlay associated with asset ownership and maintenance.

Similar to fractional ownership, private aviation Access Programmes afford a greater amount of control over what aircraft you have access to, how quickly you can book an itinerary, as well as capital and liability considerations. An Access programme dramatically reduces your exposure to market demands. However, owning or accessing part of an asset requires additional costs such as access payments and monthly management fees. As a jet card holder, you do not pay monthly access or management fees.

Whole vs. Fractional Jet Ownership

Compare Our Programmes
Shared Ownership Access Jet Card
Annual Travel 50+ Hours 50+ Hours 25 Hours
Purchase Increments 50 Hour Minimum
(25-Hour Increments)
50 Hour Minimum
(25-Hour Increments)
25-Hour Minimum
Minimum Term 30 months 30 Months 25-Hour Deposit
Maximum Term 60 months 60 months 24 months
Call Out Time* 12 hours* 12 hours* 24 hours*

*Applies to flights on Non-Peak travel days within the Primary Service Area. Flights scheduled on Peak travel days or outside of the Primary Service Area may require additional notice.