How Does it Work

Designed for travellers who fly 50 or more hours per year, shared ownership provides access to multiple cabin sizes equipped for a variety of needs and mission types. Our team of aviation experts handles every aspect of your travel and ownership experience. What's more, the Flexjet shared ownership programme even predicts the majority of costs for the duration of your contract. This also allows you to accurately plan ahead removing the hidden fees and expenses charged by other operators.

With shared ownership, there are four major components surrounding the purchase and operation of your aircraft:

You purchase an asset or "share" of a specific aircraft from a minimum of 50 flight hours per year. This "share" is priced at predictable rates over the course of a specific term in the type of aircraft owned and offers the benefits of owning a portion of a deprecating asset without the large capital outlay for an entire aircraft.

With Flexjet you don't have to worry about the operational complexities and hidden overheads of aircraft ownership. Fixed costs cover the indirect expenses associated with operating an aircraft, from pilot training to insurance, allowing you to simply focus on your flying.

You are only charged for each hour an aircraft is in-flight. This rate includes direct expenses associated with maintenance, standard catering, engine operation, and pilot fees.

Added to the base hourly transportation rate to account for fluctuations in the price of fuel, which varies monthly. This allows us to pass any cost savings directly to our clients.
*Taxes may apply

The majority of the cost of fractional ownership can be broken down into three main parts:

  • Capital Cost (Ownership): An asset purchase that allows for a minimum of 50 flight hours per year priced at predictable rates over a specific term in the type of aircraft owned
  • Asset purchase - this upfront cost covers your share of the aircraft.
  • Monthly Management Fee - Covers the indirect expenses associated with operating your aircraft, including pilot training, insurance, cabin support, trip management, crew provisions, and other administrative costs
  • Hourly Rate - Charged for each hour an aircraft is in flight, plus 2/10 taxi time. This rate also includes direct expenses associated with maintenance, standard catering, and engine operation
  • Fuel Component Adjustment - Added to the base hourly rate to account for fluctuations in the cost of fuel, which varies monthly

*Certain federal taxes may apply

The Flexjet Shared Jet Ownership Experience

Ultra-modern Fleet

Made up of renowned aircraft from the likes of Bombardier, Embraer, and Gulfstream, our private jet fleet is designed to meet a wide array of needs and desires.

Red Label By Flexjet

Available on select aircraft, Red Label by Flexjet presents dedicated captains and crews exclusive to your aircraft's specific tail number, custom interior décors belonging to our LXi Cabin Collection, complete access to the industry's youngest fleet, and more.

Versatility Plus

Versatility Plus lets you customise your yearly allotment of flight hours. This can provide significant savings by making up to 25 per cent of your annual flight hours available to other Flexjet Owners within the Versatility Plus Pool. Even better, additional flight hours can be purchased from other Flexjet Owners in the same or different cabin type.

Aircraft Guarantee

Should you ever fly on a non-Flexjet programme aircraft for more than five per cent of your annual flight hour allocation, those hours will be credited back to your account. You also have the ability to upgrade or downgrade to any aircraft in our fleet at fixed interchange rates.

Simultaneous Use & One-Way Pricing

Receive access to multiple aircraft simultaneously at a flat rate. With shared ownership, you also don't pay for deadhead or repositioning fees. These are the fees added by most charter companies to reposition aircraft.

Complimentary Dining

Inflight dining is included with every flight. Indeed, our bespoke menus offer an incredible selection of regional specialities. Allow us to recreate a fine dining experience at 30,000ft.

Dedicated Account Manager

As a shared Owner, your Dedicated Account Manager handles all aspects of your flight, from planning to execution.

About Private Jet Share Programs

Fractional or shared jet ownership lets you secure the best aspects of whole aircraft ownership for a portion of the cost and with none of the responsibility.

Shared jet or fractional ownership grants guaranteed access to a private aircraft based upon the number of flight hours purchased. Share sizes range from 1/16th (50 hours) to 1/2 (400 hours), with no limit on the number of shares one may own. Each level of ownership includes a percentage of the 800 flight hours available per year on each aircraft. For example, a one-eighth share entitles an owner to 100 flight hours annually, which is approximately 50,000 miles.

Advantages of Charter

  • Pay as you fly
    • However, pricing varies based on timing and varies across operators
    • Peak travel can add to hourly rate
  • No upfront capital required
  • No fixed costs
  • No minimum contracts. No commitment.
  • Designed for those with minimal travel needs

Advantages of Fractional

  • Predictable expenses
  • No fees for repositioning, catering, or de-icing
  • Typically offers more experienced pilots and crews
  • Higher safety & maintenance standards
  • Premium owner service experience
  • Aircraft are often younger and more advanced
  • Extensive Primary Service Area
  • You select aircraft and receive guaranteed access
  • One point of contact + expert operations team
  • Providers own their aircraft and employ their own pilots
  • No need to involve more than one provider for long trips
  • Minimal cabin restrictions (pets allowed on board)
  • VIP access to events, resorts, and product offerings
  • None of the risks, restrictions, and responsibilities associated with whole ownership
  • Much smaller upfront capital deployment + fixed costs
  • Repositioning, catering, and de-icing fees are covered
  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade aircraft for specific trips
  • Option to utilize more than one aircraft simultaneously
  • No maintenance downtime or need for supplemental lift
  • Access to multiple bases of operation
  • Option to sell share back to the provider at end of term
  • Depreciation deductions applicable to a capital asset
  • Provider handles all crew scheduling, aircraft maintenance, insurance, regulatory compliance, hiring and training, storage and parking

Whole vs. Fractional Jet Ownership

Compare Our Programmes
Shared Ownership Access Jet Card
Annual Travel 50+ Hours 50+ Hours 25 Hours
Purchase Increments 50 Hour Minimum
(25-Hour Increments)
50 Hour Minimum
(25-Hour Increments)
25-Hour Minimum
Minimum Term 30 months 30 Months 25-Hour Deposit
Maximum Term 60 months 60 months 24 months
Call Out Time* 12 hours* 12 hours* 24 Hours*

*Applies to flights on Non-Peak travel days within the Primary Service Area. Flights scheduled on Peak travel days or outside of the Primary Service Area may require additional notice.