A captivating global experience centre, Flexjet House not only presents a way to experience Red Label by Flexjet but provides our Owners with access to separate meeting spaces and relaxing amenities. The level of comfort and service provided inside Flexjet House is the same as what you will find in our private terminals except that you’re not in an airport, but the lively Mayfair District.

Escape to a Quiet Oasis Located in the Heart of London’s Mayfair District

A spacious boardroom is designed to accommodate your whole team and is equipped for conference calls and presentations.
Well-appointed private offices present you with a quiet space to be productive and connect with colleagues and family.
Offering multiple seating options and teeming with natural light, Flexjet House presents an idyllic setting in the middle of the city.
Stocked with snacks and refreshments, the Flexjet House kitchen is yours to prepare a snack, display catering for your guests, or simply make a cup of coffee.