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Every connection is handled with care.

At the heart and soul of our culture exists a strong sense of purpose. A singular focus that drives us to maintain an unwavering commitment to service in everything that we do. We take care of every detail before, during, and after your every flight - even getting to know your preferences so we can anticipate any personal travel needs.

Owners have 24-hour access to our dedicated Owner Services Account Managers who are true private aviation experts. Each works with our highly experienced Operations Control Centre to provide superior oversight, coordination, and planning. Whether you prefer a vintage wine or special meal, car service or specific airport, your Owner Services Account Manager will ensure you experience a flawless journey.


Our dedicated Owner Services Account Managers leverage our vast network of FBOs, handlers, and vendors in locations around the world to plan and execute every last detail of your trip. Through seamless collaboration, we deliver the highest level of service in private aviation, preparing for every possible want, need, or scenario. Collectively, we ensure your experience on the ground is as smooth as your journey in the sky.

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At Flexjet, getting to know the reasons you fly is standard procedure. By developing close ties with our Owners, we are able to exceed their expectations time and time again. Distinct from other private providers, our Owner Services Account Managers are specialists when it comes to curating personalised experiences.


Whether they are subtle nuances meant to comfort or specific details designed to please, a well-prepared cabin instils confidence, especially one with unparalleled craftsmanship presented throughout. Our fleet presents itself with fine touches, exclusive finishes, and innovative technology that create a refined atmosphere. One filled with all that you need to experience true comfort.

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More than a list of procedures, safety is a philosophy that's ingrained in our culture - something few other providers can claim. We voluntarily participate in a highly developed Safety Management System and manage an Independent Safety Team that is dedicated to maintaining the highest safety standards in the industry for flight crews, aircraft operations, maintenance and security.

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Our premium aviation solutions are specifically designed to meet any and every private travel need. Perfectly tailored and customised for you.

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