Ready When You Are

Built on uncompromising principles of exceptional service, including collaboration, proper planning, and strict adherence to safety best practises, we meticulously prepare for your every journey. Taking care of our Owners has been and will always be our highest priority. To do so means no request is too small, no want too minor, no detail too slight.

Driven by this philosophy, it is our service that truly sets us apart. We employ an expansive and exhaustive collection of resources both pre- and post-flight. It’s the power of our meteorological department to anticipate conditions and potential issues long before takeoff. It’s our pilots, who have been expertly trained to handle even the most challenging conditions, while also providing a personal touch.

We Test, Check, and Verify, Always.

Before each flight, we take the following steps to ensure your aircraft is ready for takeoff:

  • Verify any passenger limitations such as food allergies and make adjustments accordingly, in addition to making any accommodations for health or medical requirements.
  • Our Flight Coordinators assign your crew based on qualifications, duty, and rest time.
  • Licenced dispatchers review your flight path and check for any flight restrictions that could cause delays.
  • Our dedicated meteorologists watch for inclement weather and review detailed forecasts for your arrival.
  • Licenced Maintenance Controllers or Supervisors verify the airworthiness of your aircraft.
  • The Flexjet Command Centre is notified of your arrival airport and details any ground transportation reservations.
  • Your Captain and First Officer complete a safety briefing pertaining to your trip, and your captain performs a thorough pre-flight inspection prior to takeoff.
  • Flight Coordinators and Crew review final checklist of weather, runway requirements, curfews, clearance preparations, and more.