Ultra-Long-Range Aircraft


Up to 15 Passengers


Maximum Performance Range

16HRS 30 MIN

Maximum Travel Range

When you need truly global reach for international missions requiring maximum range and accommodations for 13 or more passengers, the Ultra-Long-Range class of private aircraft from Flexjet represent the uncontested standard in private aviation.

15 Passengers

7000 NM Range

16 HRS Endurance

Gulfstream G650 cutout

Learn More About Gulfstream G650

The Gulfstream G650 is a true around-the-world leader with a host of features and amenities guaranteed to satisfy even the most experienced international travelers. Featuring a best-in-class cabin altitude of just 3,290 feet, the G650 helps to mitigate travel fatigue. There is a four-zone cabin configuration perfect for meetings, dining, and relaxation – all on one aircraft. Plus, a spacious private entertainment area invites you to recline with a custom ottoman and catch up on the day’s news by way of a 42-inch TV. In the Gulfstream G650, you can circumnavigate the earth with just one stop, offering you the opportunity to accomplish more than ever before.

18 Passengers

7500 NM Range

Endurance Coming Soon

Gulfstream G700 (Coming Soon) cutout

Learn More About Gulfstream G700 (Coming Soon)

With the tallest, widest and longest cabin in its class, the upcoming Gulfstream G700 will house a four-zone cabin with space for work, leisure, or a world-class meal. Plus, experience Gulfstream’s true circadian lighting system that mimics sunrise and sunset, reducing jet lag while helping you acclimate across time zones. The Gulfstream G700 is one of the first non-military aircraft to feature active sidestick controls along with an enhanced vision system. These tools increase pilot awareness, reduce crew and passenger fatigue, and are the foundation for one of the smoothest, most comfortable rides in all of private aviation.

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