If You Have Alexa, We Have The Skill

alexa skills

Amazon Alexa device owners can now check their upcoming flight information on command. For optimal functionality, ensure that you have the latest Flexjet app update. Then download the new Flexjet skill to your Alexa app or account and begin picking her artificially intelligent brain.

Install Instructions

  • 1 Ensure that you have the latest Flexjet app update installed.
  • 2 Launch the Alexa app or website and search for the Flexjet skill.
  • 3 Enable the Flexjet skill.
  • 4 Enter your information to link your Flexjet and your Alexa accounts.
  • 5 You are now ready to use the Flexjet skill.

Available Features

Open the skill by saying “Launch Flexjet.” After being provided with a launch message, you can then ask any of the following:

  • When is my next flight?
  • How many passengers can a <aircraft> hold?
  • What is the tail number for my next flight?
  • What is the flight time from <departure airport> to <arrival airport> on a <aircraft>?
  • What is the FBO for my next trip?

Stay tuned as more Flexjet skills are currently being developed to help make your private travels as hands-free as they are hassle-free.

An Example Scenario

  • YOU: “Alexa, launch Flexjet.”
  • ALEXA: “Welcome to Flexjet”
  • YOU: “When is my next flight?”
  • ALEXA: “Your next flight is from Teterboro Airport on Saturday, December 16, 2023, 11:00 AM.”