The Flexjet Approach to Safer Travel

Go Forth with Confidence

Your Safety is Our Strength

At Flexjet, we took quick action to safeguard our Owners and crews, even as others struggled to adapt to the threat. And as the situation surrounding the coronavirus continues to evolve, so will our response.

Piloted by our leading-edge Operations Control Center and award-winning Safety team, we are stopping at nothing to protect your well-being.

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Microshield 360TM

Antimicrobial Surface Protection

Before the spread of COVID-19 was formally recognized as a global pandemic, every one of our aircraft interiors – from cabin to cockpit – was professionally treated with MicroShield 360TM.

Creating a long-lasting biostatic finish that kills the coronavirus along with dozens of disease-causing pathogens on contact, MicroShield 360 is clear, odorless, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and safe for both human beings and animals.

Aircraft Treated

of Germs Eliminated

1 Year
of Active Protection

Pre-Tour Crew Member Testing

Utilizing Leading-Edge PCR Technology

Our crew members began routine PCR-based Coronavirus testing in January 2021*.

Representing an innovative new method of COVID-19 detection developed by Rutgers University, each test kit utilizes PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) technology proven to deliver quicker results with greater accuracy than the antigen-based tests used by many others.

Prior to their tour, crew members collect test samples with medical supervision via online video conference. Testing kits are provided and processed by Vault Health, trusted by several universities and pro sports teams for their ability to handle the logistical challenges posed by nationwide testing and deliver accurate results, fast.

*Fully vaccinated crew members presenting zero symptoms are no longer required to submit pre-tour coronavirus testing kits.

Crew Members Tested

Overseen by
Vault Health

Results in
as few as 24 Hours

Passenger Boarding

Welcoming You Without Contact

Newly choreographed pilot and crew greetings eliminate handshakes while enforcing social distancing. Crew members now retrieve passenger luggage to allow our Owners to exit the aircraft first upon arrival, while all of our cabins are fully disinfected after each flight.


In-Cabin Procedures

Elite Service has a new Meaning

Not only do our aircraft constantly replace cabin air with new air from outside rather than recirculating it throughout the interior, but our in-flight service has also been revised to reflect today’s new normal.

Our crew members are now trained to deliver three distinct service tiers – one for every comfort level. No matter the amount of attention you prefer, facial coverings are always worn, extra catering precautions are followed, and call buttons are utilized to minimize interior traffic.

To ensure our measures remain current and effective, all of our revised cabin procedures are guided by a hospital-affiliated center for travel medicine.

Zero-Contact Service


Clean, Pressurized
Cabin Air

Pilot and Crew Member PPE

Quality Protection, Expert Advice.

All aircraft cabins now contain a MedAire® UPK equipped with a digital thermometer, N-95 masks, sterile protective gloves, and more.

In addition to its UPKs, MedAire® can assist our Owners in locating a COVID-19 testing site within its global network of certified providers.

Beyond the items found in each UPK, custom-designed facial coverings are available at no cost inside most of our FBOs and private terminals.

Employee Safeguards

Doing Right by Our People

Coronavirus Testing

Crew Opt-Out Policy

Anti-Body Testing
Available to All

Owner Considerations

Going Beyond Safety

Accompanying our comprehensive approach to protecting the health of our passengers and crews, we have also taken several steps to better serve our Owners during these uncertain times.

Given our long-term approach to Owner relationships, we feel these measures are not only warranted but prudent.

Cancellation fees have been waived indefinitely, allowing our Owners to accommodate last-minute changes and book future travel with confidence.

We have expanded our service areas and waived ferry fees when flying on select aircraft to and from certain locations outside the contiguous United States.

We have collaborated with our long list of brand and lifestyle partners to provide remote experiences and opportunities for every comfort level.

Thanks to our strong liquidity position and disciplined approach, we remain at full strength and continue to grow while maintaining our reputation for excellence.

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“From the very beginning of the pandemic, we have taken every possible step to ensure the health and well-being of our Owners and our flight crews,” said Flexjet CEO Michael Silvestro. “This announcement represents the next evolution of our overall strategy and will provide a key bridge while we wait for the large scale rollout of the various vaccine programs.” (Source: Corporate Jet Investor)

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“Safety and security have taken on new meaning in the form of coronavirus prevention and protection,” said Megan Wolf, chief operating officer at Flexjet. (Source: Fodor’s Travel)

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In its fight against Covid-19, the private-aviation industry has put all its ions in the fire, so to speak, by developing or advancing plasma-ionization systems, anti-viral coatings, data-sharing programs, updated cleaning protocols—even an experimental UV-light wand. (Source: Robb Report)

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Amid climbing Covid cases, Flexjet COO Megan Wolf sees more consumers flying private. (Source: Bloomberg)

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As more cities and states close restaurants and implement restrictions to combat the COVID spike – in New York State, in-home gatherings are restricted to no more than 10 people – the private skies continue to be busy. (Source: Forbes)

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“We’re seeing clientele expand across generations. For example, customers are booking their elderly parents on planes in order to avoid virus exposure,” said Megan Wolf, Chief Operating Officer at Flexjet. (Source: Wired Magazine)

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While the longstanding incentives for choosing private jet travel—personalized VIP service, avoidance of crowds and lines, onboard social distancing, hassle-free security checks—remain unchanged, private jet industry insiders say that these elements are more desirable than ever in the face of the pandemic. (Source: Barrons PENTA)

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