High-Tech Headquarters

Our cutting-edge global operations center will be another game-changer from Flexjet, built to command and inspire — part flight-operations center, part corporate HQ, part dream factory. Designed to evoke flight and all its thrills, it’s yet another way we’re building Flexjet’s future for our Owners.

building jet

Private Electric Air Mobility

Imagine rising above it all – from rushed to relaxed in minutes – aboard electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, the future of private flying for shorter journeys. The city to the suburbs. The suburbs to the shore. The FBO to the office. With our partnership with Eve and Flexjet sister company Halo, you’ll have access to elegant and efficient eVTOL aircraft – fast, clean, green, gorgeous. Up with productivity.

Supersonic Private Jets

Flexjet is first again in exploring customized supersonic jets – sleek, sophisticated aircraft that are leaps and bounds ahead of their commercial predecessors in quietness, efficiency and environmental sensitivity. Imagine flight times cut in half. Imagine New York to Los Angeles – and back – in a single business day. Imagine Paris for dinner. Imagine more hours in your day devoted to the people and pursuits in your life – because Flexjet’s supersonic private jets won’t just save time, they’ll make time.

Private Space Travel

Go for the galaxies – and a whole new perspective – with Flexjet, your trusted partner for your adventures into space, tomorrow’s thrilling new frontier. With its exclusive collaborations with space travel’s innovators, Flexjet will offer exceptional access and experiences, including private travel to the spaceport before you launch, behind-the-scenes tours and much more – as far as the eye can see and as wide as the mind can imagine. Take your thinking to a whole new level – cosmic, celestial, infinite.

The Flexjet Learning Center

To know where you’re going, you have to understand where you’ve been. Explore flight’s past, present and future at Flexjet’s exclusive online Learning Center, your one-stop destination for aviation history, insider news and much more. Discover how aircraft designers and manufacturers are moving forward. Discover what propels an industry like no other. Discover the possibilities of flight and where you can go – today, tomorrow and beyond.

Security and Sustainability

Our famously proactive approach to safety – on the ground and in the air – already goes far above and beyond FAA requirements. And, we’re working on even safer cybersecurity across all Flexjet systems, plus system upgrades and our sustainability program in partnership with 4AIR – the first and only rating system focused on comprehensive sustainability in private aviation – including more eco-friendly fuel, more energy-efficient engines and greener FBOs, complete with electric vehicles and charging stations on-site. What’s more, our partnership with Bentley.

Explore the Future of Private Aviation

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