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European Exchange Program

With a dedicated fleet of European-based aircraft, we now offer point-to-point, intra-European travel to Flexjet Owners. Experience seamless overseas trip booking and enjoy the Flexjet standard of service wherever you are in the world.

Our European-based fleet of aircraft is not only the most comfortable and stylish way to see the world, it’s also the most convenient. This new program is simply an extension of the global reach we’ve always offered our Owners.

Flexjet Owners can access our European fleet using annual contract hours at exclusive aircraft exchange ratios. For a full list of exchange rates, contact your Account Manager or log into your account.

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Global Access Program

Unique to the private aviation industry, our new approach to long-distance travel provides Owners with a truly dynamic membership opportunity. The concept is simple: the longer you fly, the lower the hourly cost. It’s the only private travel program that rewards you for flying further.

With an existing Flexjet contract, Global Access provides additional annual flight time in a large-cabin or ultra-long-range aircraft. The unprecedented flexibility of this program allows Owners to fly in a more efficient aircraft for everyday travel, and utilize a larger jet for occasional long-range trips.

The program is especially popular with corporate flight departments, which use Global Access to supplement their existing fleet during periods of high-volume travel.

Bringing The World Closer To You

Designed with a model that rewards longer flights, our innovative approach to international travel pairs a world-class collection of large-cabin aircraft with a flexible European-based fleet.

Fly to Europe on one of our many internationally capable aircraft. Once there, step aboard a lighter, more mission-appropriate jet. There’s no better — or more efficient — way to see the world.

The long-range Flexjet fleet includes: